A zone

Between you and I

Where difference prevail

Where, my dear

We can explore

And adore

Each other

Where.. we’ll learn

To sing to your thunder

And dance in my rain

Where.. we’ll seek

To cry out your happiness

And laugh out my pain

A zone dear

Where we will

Talk the life

Talk the flaws

Amid it all

Talk the love

A zone dear

Beyond the idea of

wrongdoing and rightdoing

Let’s meet there dear

Let’s meet there… 



chilled breeze
gently waving the leaves
and birds
singing at its best
a tranquil morning
placid forest
steep pathways
slippery road
snow clad bushes
the landscape around
and even the food
cause it too made it good
well.. thankyou.. thankyou all
for blending so fine
creating moments to savour
for memories divine
for a day to remember

Reminiscing The Journey

​Roads bend

Twists and turns

As we move along

On and on

Upto a horizon

Chasing another one

And deep inside

I feel like

May it never end

The gleeful ride

Where I can lean by

The window pane

Watch the hills move

And the trees in chain

Happy travelling

A beautiful day

Wishing i’d get to travel

Always this way

Always and always

Away away and away


“Feel the air”; she said, as we walked through the crowded street of kathmandu in the mid summer. I was surpirsed. It had been few weeks since the soil last touched a proper drop of rain. Warm air blew with a thick mixture of smog and dust. “Okay”; I said, stopping and obstructing the crowd that followed who went past by me dashing and grumbling as I tried to feel the air. “hot??.. warm?? And dusty”, ah… enough.. “why did you want me to do so?”; I finally asked her after a while. “Did you not feel anything unusual?? A sense.. a weird smell or something.. a smell that is trying to tell you something but you’re not being able to catch it?”; she said… “umm.. no.. not a bit”; I answered as we moved on. We were on our way to ratnapark. Street was busy as usual. As we passed through the crowd, all I did was wonder what’s going on in her mind.. A weird smell??.. wind trying to tell something??.. “a sort of omen!.”; as I concluded.. “but what?” I kept thinking.. I got onto the van as I hugged her tight for the last time for the day and waved her goodbye. She waved back at me, but as she turned away to move, she suddenly stopped, turned around and looked at me with a gesture suggesting me to look at her.. she closed her eyes and felt the hot dusty air that passed by. I was puzzled.
Later in the evening, she called me and told me to feel the air again. Though it felt pleasent this time, but still she insisted me that she felt something, something weird, something that the wind was trying to tell her, something… that I couldn’t figure out and neither could she. At around mid night, there was a heavy rainfall. One after a really very long time. The sound of the rain woke me up. I tried to sleep but couldn’t, So I went to the window, opened it and felt the cool breeze and the tiny drop of rain that the wind brought. Finally, I too could feel something, something weird, something that the wind was trying to tell me. And then, there was a flash of light.. right in front of my eyes.
As I lay in hospital bed, her hands holding mine.. As she lay beside me, sobbing but still trying her best to smile. She looked at my face, that smiled as bright as the lightening that had struck the iron bar on the window knowing that it had escaped death. Knowing that it could still feel the air. Knowing that it could still look at her.. smile and say.. “you were right dear.. wind speaks”. 🙂


Lights closed, curtains closed
and so were the doors
drum beats
guitar plays
monotonous chorus
don’t know how
don’t know why
Well it’s a mystical art
Broken poems
Broken rhymes
Keeps on singing his heart

Voice gets loud
Vibrating string
Faster the drum beats
Grinded violin
Beaten piano
Still the heart sings

Extreme it gets
Neighbor wakes
Police and siren rings
Doors banged
People shout
Still the heart sings

Surrounded around
Crowded ghouls
A word not clear
Vision blurred
Sense senseless
Word passes unheard
As the drum beats
piano plays
Violin n guitar’s string vibrate
And suddenly he rises on his feet
jumps down on the street
then the heart..
Well.. the poem completes
And as well.. the rhyme completes


Trying to walk on your shoe
On these roads
Travelled by you
in every turn
in every gush of wind
in every honking of horn
in everything I try to find
faint imaginations
a faint figure of yours
travelling this road

may be these roads
be kept waiting
may be these turns
be kept seeking
may be this soul
be kept wondering

a real you travelling this road
a real you by my side
a happy travelling
a beautiful day


I wasn’t born a poet,

You came in my life
Words began to rhyme
I became a poet

Then you left
Elegies, I wrote
Yeah, I became a poet

Now, about you; I ain’t gonna give a damn
And poems??? ehhggrr, words don’t even rhyme


Its been a while
since the river of words
flowed across the paper
making the rippels
uneven but beautiful
Its been a while
since the words
stayed paused
stayed calm
being jammed
making pool of thoughts
even but ugly
and its been a while
a while, just waiting
stone to be dropped
wave to be created
serenity to be broken
words to be spilled
a while spent,
recalling moments
a while,
spent in fear
fear of being in oblivion
or a while
being oblivion


I dream,
dream a dream
where we sit together
under the sky
both getting high
with every sip
getting deep
into each others eye
and both sober
and both over
each others soul
each others mind
and consciously
but without any control
in my words
I express my love
and in similar way
consciously you say
that you love me too
you said; “I love you”